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⁣Our innovative marketing mix concept is the first ? worldwide in comparison and function, convince yourself in this example.
Example company: (UNIKOPF)

B2B: B2B portals is a platform for online marketing as well as digital sales and primarily pursues the goal of acquiring new customers. ... At the same time, relevant B2B offers can be searched for on B2B platforms.

B2C platform, goods are traded between a company (business) and a consumer / customer.

A video portal:
(also called video platform) is a video-on-demand service that allows users to post their videos, especially web videos, on the World Wide Web. As a rule, the videos are uploaded by the creator and can then be viewed directly via streaming.

Aladin social network:
is an online service that offers the opportunity to exchange information and build relationships. The resulting online community communicates and interacts digitally according to the possibilities of the respective platform.

Aladin search engine:
is a platform for research on which a user can search for search terms. After entering a search query, a list of hits that were found under the word is displayed. All pages stored on the World Wide Web are accessible to a search engine

Aladin classifieds portals:
Domestic and international, advertisements in daily newspapers function like they once did. Private and business sellers offer their goods for sale and collection.

Our Marketing Mix includes the combination of six different marketing policy instruments, the so-called 6P - Product, Price, Placement and Promotion, which companies use to increase sales.
All components are used in relation to the market and time.
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2 * https://aladin.Social/
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Our innovative company (NETT-TEL Marketing und Kommunikation LTD)
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